A damage inspection report is a job specific survey that assesses the extent of damage to a vessel, reports on the probable cause of that damage and makes recommendations as to necessary repairs. These are often required for insurance purposes and as such are generally commissioned by insurance companies.


Damage Reports provide an accurate scope on the damage sustained by storms, boat yards, other vessels or any kind of accidents & incidents. These tests are carried out under instruction by either the insurer or the owner and provide a factual report of the damage to the vessel. The repairs can then be overseen to keep a check on the work in progress and to ensure that payment is not authorised until they have been completed to a satisfactory standard.


Incident investigations and Machinery / Component Failure analysis are performed to identify the cause of a marine loss. Forensic examination of a failed component or system can yield the root cause of the failure. With the technical assistance of some of the world’s best testing laboratories of each field (metallurgists, polymer and composites, etc) we can assist in determining whether a loss is covered by the insurance policy or not.

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